Halloween movies to watch


 With Halloween coming just around the corner, here are some Halloween movies to watch, and some new Halloween movies that have just come out.  

hocus pocusAn old Halloween movie that is really good is Hocus pocus. This movie came out in 1993, and its rated PG. It’s a movie about 3 sisters, who are witches and lived in Salem Massachusetts in 1693. And on every Halloween night they would capture children and do a spell on them so they could look young again. On this Halloween night in 1693, the people in Salem caught them and the sisters were killed for being witches. But before they got killed they made a curse that if somebody lit the black flame candle on Halloween night, they would return. Then three thousand years later in 1993 a boy and his little sister, Max and Dani and another girl Allison, lit the candle because they didn’t think the curse was real. But then the Sanderson sisters did show up, so they had to figure out a way to stop them and make sure they would never come back.  


The Nightmare Before ChristmasAnother classic is The Nightmare Before Christmas. This movie also came out in 1993 and is rated PG. It’s a movie about the main character, Jack Skellington, who is the pumpkin king, or the king of Halloween. In the movie, he has gotten bored of the same annual routine of scaring people in the real world on Halloween. On is adventures, he accidentally finds a Christmas town. He comes up with a clever plan that he can rule Christmas and Halloween if he kidnaps Santa Clause and takes his place. He wants to share Christmas with the citizens of Hallowentown, but his new ideas do not exactly go according to plan.




Casper the friendly ghostCasper the Friendly Ghost is another great one. It came out in 1995 and is rated PG. In this movie, James Harvey and his daughter Kat move into a haunted mansion in efforts to try to get the ghosts to leave. Because otherwise, the people who originally bought the house refuse t move in. When Kat is getting settled, she meets Casper, a ghost who is very kind and friendly. And Casper eventually gets a crush on Kat. so he makes a wish to be human so that he might have a chance to be with her. Then he tries to figure out a way that he can be turned back into a human.  



its the great pumpkin Charlie brownOne last old movie you should watch is, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie brown. It debuted in 1966, Rated PG. In this movie it focuses on the character Linus, he has a great belief in the great pumpkin, which is a creature that rises from the pumpkin patch on Halloween evening, to bring gifts to those who believe in him. But he finds out that no one else believes, So he tries to find a way to prove them wrong. And the way he does it is by spending all night in a pumpkin patch, alone.  





hocus pocus 2Now here are some of the newly released movies. Disney+ has released Hocus pocus 2. It is rated PG like the first movie. This sequel to hocus pocus tells us how the Sanderson sisters became witches, and a grudge they still have on a cetin family from when they livid in Salem. Then it goes to Salem in present time; 2022. Which is 29 years from the last time the Sanderson sisters were in Salem. In this movie there are 3 new main characters: Becca, Izzy, and Cassie who are best friends. The present day is Halloween, and also Becca’s birthday. And the girls have a tradition of going into the woods and doing a ritual, because they are into witchy stuff. This year the owner of their favorite witch shop had given them a candle to light when they are doing the ritual. But when they do, it turns out that it was a black flame candle, so the Sanderson sisters appear again and the girls have to figure out how to get rid of them. And this time it’s not just children the Sanderson sisters are after.  



Spirit Halloween the movie

Another new movie to stream is Spirit Halloween the movie premiered September 30, is rated PG-13, and is available on many streaming services. In this movie there is a new spirit Halloween store in town. And three middle school boys who think they’re too old for trick or treating, make a dare to spend all of Halloween night in the store. While there, they find an angry spirit in the store that possesses the animatronic characters.  The kids then have to figure out how to survive the night, and not become possessed like the things in the store.






And another recently released movie is Trick or treat Scooby Doo, released October 4 on streaming services. It is rated PG. What you need to know about Scooby Doo before you watch this is, that Scooby Doo is a great Dane dog and can talk. He has a group of friends,  they solve mysteries together and keep people from wreaking havoc on the world, Fred, Daphne, Velma, and Shaggy. And In this Scooby Doo adventure, the gang is going out trick or treating for Halloween when they find doppelgänger ghosts trying to ruin their Halloween. So they spring into action trying to stop them and save Halloween for everyone.



Overall there are a lot of Halloween movies to watch, and these are some very good options when it comes to watching spooky movies.