What’s New On Netflix

While wrapping up 2022, Netflix is coming out with a lot of new releases. Here are a few main ones that will be coming out.

cobra kaiA new season of Cobra Kai just recently came out on Netflix on September 9. The show genre is martial arts, and comedy. This show is a spin off of the 1984 movie Karate Kid, where the kids that were main characters in the movie are grown up, and have kids of their own. They continue their Karate dojo rivalry, Johnny Lawrence (played by the same actor as the original film, William Zabka) opens up Cobra Kai again, and Daniel Laruso (played by origianl actor Ralph Macchio) reopens Miyagi-do. In the past seasons The the kids in each dojo are constantly fighting with each other because they think one dojo is better than the other. They decide that they will settle this at the all-valley karate tournament and whoever loses has to close their dojo forever. And at the tournament Cobra Kai wins. so Miyagi-do has to close. But then all the kids in the town are going to karate at Cobra Kai, and it is making everyone meaner. So Daniel decides to reopen Miyagi-do again to try and shut down Cobra Kai forever.  

nailed it!The show Nailed it! Recently got  a season seven on October 5th. This is a baking show where three amateur bakers try to replicate complicated and confectionery cakes, in order to win $10,000. The show started in 2018, with host Nicole Byer. The judges show the example cake to the contestant, then depending on how hard the cake is to make they are timed for how long they get to make, and decorate, the cake. Once the time is up they have to stop baking and show the judges their cake. The judges will decide who wins based on who has the best decorated cake compared to the example, and whose cake tastes the best. 



easy bake ovenThere is a new baking show coming to Netflix, called Easy Bake Battle. The host is Antoni Porowski, and each episode there will be a guest judge. This show is about home chefs competing with each other with two rounds of baking to win money.  At the beginning of each round the judges will give a scenario that their dish will be based off of, then each chef makes their own dish. They compete with each other using all the kitchen hacks they know trying to see who can make the fastest, easiest, and most delicious food. In the first round there will be three home chefs who will choose their dish, and they have a certain amount of time that they will be able to make their dish. Then the judges will choose the two dishes they thought were the best, and they move on to the next round. Then in the last round the two chefs are given another scenario and make their own dish. And this time whoever wins, will win $25,000, and will get to move on in the show and get to keep competing.

Enola Holmes 2

One of the movies that will be coming out is Enola Holmes 2. It is a mystery and adventure movie, it will be coming out on November 4th. This movie is the sequel to Enola Holmes which is about a sixteen year old girl named Enola, who is the sister of the famous Sherlock. And in case you haven’t seen the first one, Enola has lived with her mother her whole life, but on her sixteenth birthday her mother goes missing. When her brothers Mycroft and Sherlock show up they want to send her to boarding school. So Enola runs away to go find her mother, but before she can look for her mother she meets a boy that needs her help in running away from someone who is trying to capture him. So she puts finding her mother on hold while she helps this boy escape, and uses her detective skills to figure out who is sending someone to capture him. And after a while she figures out that this is bigger than someone trying to capture him. In the second movie Enola continues her detective career and starts on a case with a missing girl with a talent for drawing. But the mission ends up involving a complex conspiracy which she needs her brother and her friends to help her solve.

falling for christmasA new Christmas movie also coming out in November is Falling for Christmas. It is a romantic comedy about a woman that got in a skiing accident and lost her memory.  After this event she gets sent up to the mountains to recover, and is being taken care of by a man and his daughter at Christmas-time. While there she finds something that has been missing from her life. The main character will be played by Lindsay Lohan.  

the swimmersAnother new movie that will be coming out is a true story about sports and drama called  The Swimmers. It comes out on Netflix November 24. It is about two sisters who fled Syria with other refugees on a boat because of a war and moved to Germany. But before they got to Germany the engine on their boat stopped and the two sisters had to swim everyone to the shore. A year later they competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics in the swimming event with the refugee Olympic team.