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JCL Dominates at Regional Forum

Edgewood’s Junior Classical League took 73 students to Regional Forum at Holy Trinity on January 27, 2024. This was our largest delegation since January of 2020. Our 73 students took home 107 individual student awards, and our Certamen teams all placed in the top 3! There were five Best-in-Show awards given out for Creatives and three went to Edgewood students- Kirra Karpowich, Emma Rose, and Paul Wubbena.

Please congratulate these students if you see them – they all did an amazing┬ájob!


Certamen Level Team Members Place
Level 1 Quentin Brown 3rd
  Trisha Jakilinki  
  Brady Kramer  
  Grace Reed  
Level 2 Kaleigh Hammond 2nd
  Ruth Kao  
  Evie Martin  
  Thomas Nagy  
Advanced Level Katherine Hammond 2nd
  Tasanee Kerr  
  Ava Klonowski  
  Paul Wubbena  



Student Competition Place Additional Place
Barringer, Gianna Classical Art I 4th  
Devries, Daniel Classical Art Advanced 5th  
White, Henry Classical Geography I 5th  
Gordon, Aaron Classical Geography Advanced 1st  
Teufer, Christopher Classical Geography Advanced 3rd  
Willis, Zach Classical Geography Advanced 4th  
Thering, Thomas Classical Geography Advanced 5th  
Lamothe, Alena Customs Advanced 2nd  
Bolin, Olivia Customs Advanced 3rd  
Olsen, Indigo Derivatives I 2nd  
Kramer, Brady Derivatives I 4th  
Reed, Grace Derivatives I 5th  
Karpowich, Kirra Derivatives II 1st  
Steirer, Bella Derivatives II 2nd  
Whiting, Lily Derivatives Advanced 3rd  
Carbee, Emma Derivatives Advanced 5th  
Imami, Ayaan Derivatives Advanced 5th  
McLallen, Brandt Derivatives Advanced 5th  
Hammond, Katherine Grammar Advanced 2nd  
Meyers, Jaxson Greek Derivatives II 2nd  
Adams, Kriste Greek Derivatives I 3rd  
Barringer, Gianna Greek Derivatives I 4th  
Olsen, Robert Greek Derivatives I 4th  
Woods, Olivia Greek Derivatives I 5th  
Carbee, Emma Greek Derivatives Advanced 3rd  
Noyes, Chloe Greek Literature I 4th  
Jakilinki, Trisha Hellenic History I 5th  
Kirby, Griffin Hellenic History II 3rd  
Lamothe, Brielle Hellenic History II 4th  
Thering, Thomas Hellenic History Advanced 3rd  
Kao, Ruth Heptathlon II 1st  
Nagy, Thomas Heptathlon II 2nd  
Reynolds, Wisper Heptathlon Advanced 1st  
Ojeda, Victoria History of the Empire II 3rd  
Wolfe, Brian History of the Empire Advanced 3rd  
Meyers, Jaxson History of the Monarchy & Republic II 5th  
Joshi, Zaira History of the Monarchy & Republic Advanced 3rd  
Martin, Evie Latin Literature II 1st  
Ojeda, Mariana Mythology Advanced 5th  
Stout, Sarah Mythology Advanced 5th  
Corces, Sophia Mythology Advanced 3rd  
Brown, Quentin Pentathlon 3rd  
Aiken, Donovan Vocabulary I 4th  
Turner, Everett Vocaulary II 3rd  
Worells, Kai Vocabulary II 3rd  
Dehuff, Preston Vocabulary II 4th  
Jacobs, Lyla Vocabulary II 4th  
Klonowski, Ava Vocabulary Advanced 2nd  
Ker, Tasanee Vocabulary Advanced 3rd  
Wubbena, Paul Vocabulary Advanced 4th  
Jacobs, Jacey Vocabulary Advanced 5th  
Nagy, Thomas Orations 5-9 1st  
Aiken, Donovan 2-D Digital Art 5-9 4th  
Steirer, Bella 2-D Digital Art 5-9 5th  
Ojeda, Mariana 2-D Digital Art 10-12 2nd  
Ojeda, Victoria 2-D Digital Art 10-12 3rd  
Kerr, Tasanee 2-D Non-Graphic 10-12 1st  
Reynolds, Wisper 2-D Non-Graphic 10-12 2nd  
Barrons, Isabella Charts/Posters 5-9 2nd  
Mandato, Dante Charts/Posters 5-9 5th  
Lamothe, Brielle Drawings 5-9 1st  
Klonowski, Ava Drawings 10-12 3rd  
Lamothe, Alena Drawings 10-12 4th  
Olsen, Robert Games 5-9 3rd  
Hammond, Katherine Games 10-12 1st  
Kao, Ruth Illustrated Notebook 5-9 1st  
Wolfe, Aleah Illustrated Notebook 5-9 2nd  
Noyes, Chloe Illustrated Notebook 5-9 3rd  
Adams, Kriste Illustrated Notebook 5-9 5th  
Rose, Emma Illustrated Notebook 10-12 1st Best-in-Show
Bailey-Skinner, Mia Illustrated Notebook 10-12 2nd  
Kirby, Griffin Maps 5-9 2nd  
Gordon, Aaron Maps 5-9 3rd  
White, Henry Maps 5-9 5th  
Teufer, Christopher Maps 10-12 1st  
Niederbremer, Finn Miscellaneous 5-9 1st  
Reynolds, Lily Miscellaneous 5-9 2nd  
Thering, Thomas Miscellaneous 5-9 4th  
Kramer, Chase Miscellaneous 10-12 2nd  
Worrells, Kai Miscellaneous 10-12 4th  
Brown, Quentin Mixed-Media 5-9 2nd  
Telekepalli, Kashyap Mixed-Media 5-9 3rd  
Stout, Sarah Mixed-Media 5-9 5th  
Turner, Everett Mixed-Media 10-12 1st  
Joshi, Zaira Mixed-Media 10-12 2nd  
McLallen, Brandt Models 10-12 2nd  
Hoang, Venus Models 5-9 4th  
Woods, Olivia Modern Myth 5-9 2nd  
Whiting, Lily Modern Myth 10-12 1st  
Imami, Ayaan Modern Myth 10-12 2nd  
Hammond, Kaleigh Paintings 5-9 1st  
Brown, Lindsey Paintings 5-9 2nd  
Kracht, Lille Paintings 10-12 1st  
Philips, Eli Paintings 10-12 3rd  
Hammond, William Sculpture/Pottery 5-9 2nd  
Kramer, Brady Sculpture/Pottery 5-9 3rd  
Wubbena, Paul Sculpture/Pottery 10-12 1st Best-in-Show
Snow Sculpture/Pottery 10-12 2nd  
McGregor, Colton Sculpture/Pottery 10-12 4th  
Reed, Grace Textiles 5-9 2nd  
Jakilinki, Trisha Textiles 5-9 3rd  
Karpowich, Kirra Textiles 10-12 1st Best-in-Show
Dehuff, Preston Constumes – Solo 1st  
Corces, Sophia Constumes – Solo 3rd  


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