The Senior Class

I, Lindsey Angermeier, will… being cracked at lacrosse to Audra Prill, a place on the all-conference basketball team to Alaina Preble, and the toppers creamery along with my hat from the hat party to Bailey Smith.

I, Alexis Bravo, will… the title Bowling Captain to Makayla Lynch, the lighting boot to Ty Pope, my dad jokes to Emi Jones, my ATLA obsession to Amelia Ross, and my hard working/comedic timing skills to my LITTLE bro, Chris Bravo.

I, Stephanie Burke, will… my astonishing humor and love for soccer to Nina Lopez.

I, Troy Cain, will… my “beef” with Mr. Wu to Lance Chen

I, Juan Christian Calero, will… the art of procrastination and last minute work to Sophia Calero.

I, Sophia Carlton, will… goated Mariokart skills to Ross Goodfellow.

I, Brian Cheng, will… my inability to create a will to the underclassmen.

I, Quinn Clark, will… the leadership of the Adamus Cult to Lilee Kracht

I, Bria Cottrell, will… being the great, powerful, and honored leadership position of Chorus Queen will this position to one and only Paige Nicole Kueter.

I, Nishka Dalal, will… my epic tennis skills to Nirvaan Dalal

I, Marina DeFrancesco, will… my ability to get a boyfriend to Ava can’t-get-a-boyfriend DeFrancesco.

I, Tyler DeVries, will… my favorite nap time spot in the band room to the future tired band kids at Edgewood.

I, Finley Dowdell, will… my car with one side mirror to Jonas Dowdell

I, Dallas Dudley, will… all senior video duties to William Struble and Isaiah Schleith.

I, Ashley Duncklee, will… my love for bulldogs and my lucky blue mechanical pencil that I use on tests to Danielle Toland

I, Disha Gajera, will… a desperately needed morsel of my common sense to Esha Savani.

I, Giana Gallo, will… my ability to drive Ms. Flint insane during AP art to Ava Defrancesco

I, Jenna Gay, will… my average blood pressure to Liana Abodallo, my Chick-Fil-A points to Corbin Snyder (not actually), and my ability to dance the Hoedown Throwdown to Reese Brandt.

I, Alicia Gleacher, will… my ability to package mediocre work in fancy writing and scrape by with an A to Lilee Kracht.

I, Jenna Golden, will… the cow cult to Wisper Reynolds.

I, Kayla Ho, will… my fabulous flying skills to JoJo Mendola and the song “In My Feelings” to Chiara Garcia

I, Maya Holland, will… my favorite spot on top of Cilsik’s lab counter to Lilee Kracht.

I, Kyler Hunt, will… my lacrosse talent to Evret Branch.

I, Jason Jiang will… my ability to keep fish alive for a long time to Lance Chen.

I, Brianna Jones, will… my inability to care and my love for Taylor Swift to Rojelio Nedumkunnel.

I, Bisrat Kassahun, will… my unbeatable chess skills to Diego Dunham.

I, Mayghan Lee, will… the saxophone section to Amaris Alverio-Serrano.

I, Kathryn Lyerly, will… Macy Ferguson to break my volleyball records.

I, Christina Lynch, will… my pga level golf skills to the girls golf team and my super epic buzz cut to Makayla and Bailey.

I, Daniel Mata, will… my leash to Arman Mirfakhraie and Tomas Gonzales.

I, Amanda Melendez Carranza, will… my loudness and spirit to Natalia

I, Amanda Melendez Carranza, will… the audacity to Natalia Villarreal and Ava Defrancesco.

I, Chloe Neuhart, will… my massive ego, senioritis, toe socks, mild disrespect for authority, and spreadsheet of fake rumors I’ve started to Kymber Lay

I, Megan Nguyen, will… my procrastination, stress, anxiety, and overthinking habits to Delainey Barnett.

I, Kirra Orndorff, will… my ability to thinking I failed a test then getting an A to Kevin Lee.

I, Kirra Orndorff, will… the official holder of Mrs. Luebcke’s room for lunch to Hayden Wang.

I, Kirra Orndorff, will… my use of odd names to Garrett Kiger.”

I, Noah Paredes will… my geo guesser skills to Diego Dunham and my overall ‘him’ abilities to Brian Wolfe

I, Victor Peytchev, will… chess club to Thejas and Diego

I, Kayleigh Rushin, will… all of my tennis losses to Su Sueri and inner red wolf to Ella Hovan.

I, Leah Schleffer, will… having the best hair at Edgewood to Samantha Barrial.

I, Hannah Scorer, will… my picture of Sra. Martinez and the $8.42 in my school lunch account to Bailey Smith.

I, Sadhna Seth, will… my golf skills to my brother, Rahul Seth.

I, Abigail Shepard, will… my random, useless knowledge of literature to Wisper Reynolds.

I, Spartacus Stephens, will… my power up ability to Tyler Wickfelder.

“I, Miah Swindel, will… the Lacrosse Goalie Captain position and the bravery that follows with it to Aubrey Germain.

I, Miah Swindel, will… my secret snack department to Amelia Ross.

I, Miah Swindel, will… my wordle addiction to Sarah Bacorn.”

I, Chase Thompson, will… William Struble the ability to swim on land. Instructions for the ancient practice of land swimming can be found on the top left of a box of Lucky Charms.

I, Colton Turner, will… the role as the parental figure of the friend group to Addison Hunt.

I, Tiffany Unsworth, will… my ability to pull off assignments at the last minute to Sarah Bacorn.

I, David Veizaj, will… my Challenger to Jeffrey Almeda, my cake to Bailey Smith, and my jump shot to Ayaan and Corbin.

I, Lukas Virgovic, will… my pencil to Bailey Smith.

I, Brooke Wolfington, will… Sophia The Baby to Bailey Smith, my anime smile to Sophia Calero, and my whooping cough to emma kelleher

I, Ian Woodrich, will… my cello/bass room practice periods to Nathan Corley.

I, Luke Wu, will… my position as Tennis Varsity Captain to Nick Karpov.

I, Chris Yu, will… my swag and super math skills to Kayden McCartney.