Lewis Hamilton Is Off His Game

Lewis Hamilton is considered to be the best Formula 1 driver ever…but recently he hasn’t been living up to the expectations.

Attilio Yokas-Vidoni, Staff Writer

The star Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton is considered to be the best Formula 1 Driver ever, with 7 championships and a world record of 103 F1 wins. However, recently he hasn’t been doing well at all in F1, and in fact, his teammate is doing even better than him. Many people question why he suddenly toppled off his throne. There are many reasons why this superstar is not performing well, all the way from the new 2022 F1 regulations, to his team not supplying him with a good car.

How the 2022 F1 Regulations Affected the Mercedes Team

The 2022 regulations really had a negative impact on Mercedes. The new regulations included a budget cap for their cars, which affected Mercedes because most of the fast cars they made in the past surpassed the budget cap, so that led them to fall down the line. They can no longer make their cars for Lewis as peak as they were before. Mercedes cars have also lost speed from the new floor regulations for the cars. Instead of a flat floor, there are two big channels going to the front and back on both sides of the car. With the Mercedes 2022 car, this new floor caused their cars to bounce, which crushed both Lewis Hamilton’s and his teammate George Russel’s speed.

Lewis Hamilton’s Car Doesn’t Suit Him

Lewis Hamilton has made several complaints to his team through the 2022 season, and even in the 2023 season as well. He noted that the cars Mercedes have been giving him don’t fit him well and don’t feel like his type of car. Most of this could have to do with the new regulations and could be beyond his team and his control. Lewis Hamilton also announced that Mercedes hasn’t been listening to him about what can be changed about his car. Lewis Hamilton has said there are multiple things wrong with the current Mercedes car. He said the cockpit is too close to the front of thecar, which makes the car harder to predict. This has made it harder for Lewis Hamilton to make perfect turns. He said he has always liked to oversteer, and with the cockpit closer than he wants it to be, the way he perceives the movement of the car is not the same. Lewis Hamilton also said that the aerodynamics of the car have been affecting his ability to brake. Kia Worrels, who is a 9th grader at Edgewood, enjoys watching Formula One and has a take on this situation.

[Lewis Hamilton and] his teammate George Russel’s [complications are] the main reason Red Bull is doing so well.”

Since Mercedes is such a great team, their lack of skill this season has assisted Red Bull in rising up the ranks. If both Hamilton and Russel were provided with cars that suit their preferences well, the team would still be dominating F1. This new budget has had a detrimental impact on Mercedes, and it is giving other teams an upper hand.

Lewis Hamilton has Been Having Mental and Emotional Struggles

Lewis Hamilton experienced difficulties throughout most of the 2022 season and has had a lack of effort to keep going no matter the circumstances. With the poor performance his team has been having, Lewis says he has been having a hard time staying positive and motivated. However, near the end of the 2022 season, it appears that Lewis isn’t struggling with these problems as much as he did at the start. He has shown no signs of mental and emotional struggles in 2023 so far. Fans are hoping things are now on the mend, and that Mercedes will make a come back.