GradBash: Seniors headed to Universal


NBCUniversal, CC BY-SA 3.0

Alicia Gleacher, Staff Writer

The Class of 2023 is going to Universal Theme Park this Friday, March 31.

Before the Trip:

All seniors attending need to come to the cafeteria immediately after school at 2:20. You will receive your ticket, a wristband, and your chaperone’s information. You can NOT lose your ticket or wristband. Take a picture of your ticket. Students will stay in the cafeteria until the buses arrive, you may not leave. The cafeteria will have pizza and refreshments for students. Any food purchased at Universal must be paid for by the student. Bring extra money for any food or drinks you plan to purchase.

Universal has a very strict policy for what students can take onto the premises. Students may only bring one bag, and it has to be smaller than 8.5 x 5.5 inches, but drawstring bags can be slightly larger. Universal also has a very strict dress code policy in comparison to Brevard’s. See bottom of announcement for more details.

Once You Arrive:

Once students arrive to to Universal, they need to wear their wristband the entire time. Students must stay at the park for the full time. The buses will arrive to pick up students at 2am. You will be responsible for getting yourself home from Edgewood. It is highly recommended to get someone else to drive you home. If you are under 18, you are legally not allowed to drive by yourself past 1am.

All students will be going through metal detectors, and their belongings will be searched. You may not bring any food or liquids, but you may bring an empty water bottle. Do not bring anything sharp that could be used as a weapon. Do not bring any illicit substances. If you decide to bring something that may violate the rules, understand that it can be confiscated at the gates. Since this is a school sponsored event, punishments for misconduct will be severe.

The Dress Code:

GENERAL   –   No high school or city logos may be displayed on any items. College or sports team logos are allowed. No inappropriate or offensive graphics. No matching attire.

BAGS   –   All bags and purses must be under the size of 8.5” x 5.5” (half a sheet of paper), except for drawstring nylon bags, which must be within the 14” x 18” size requirement.

SHIRTS   –   No midriff shirts, no halter tops, no jerseys, and shirt sleeves must be 3” wide. All visible garments must follow these rules.

BOTTOMS   –  Shorts, skirts, and dresses shall be no shorter than mid‐thigh, excessive holes or shreds on jeans are not allowed, and leggings cannot be sheer.

SHOES   –  Comfortable shoes, tennis shoes, dress sandals, boots, and flip flops are permitted, but water shoes are not allowed.

For more detailed information, check the 2023 Google Classroom or this chaperon guide.