What to Expect in the Upcoming Video Game: Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is right around the corner…Here is what we know so far.


Hogwarts Legacy’s release date is just around the corner, and the showcases the developers have shown us prove that this will be exactly what everybody asked for. There have been lots of details revealed about this game such as the story, the spells you can cast, items used in this game, and much more. 

The Story

Image by the Official Hogwarts Legacy Press Kit

Hogwarts Legacy will take place in the 1800’s as your own customizable character who is a fifth year who joined Hogwarts late. In this world, your character will have to stop various enemies from taking possession of this dark and forbidden magic that can destroy mankind. We also will befriend a professor in Hogwarts named Professor Figg who will aid us in our adventures like Dumbledore aided Harry Potter. Players will also befriend three new friends, as well who will follow you just like Ron and Hermione followed Harry Potter in their most dangerous endeavors and their most challenging puzzles. 

Character Customization

The character customization will be super detailed, and there will be so many options to choose from. You can even customize the voice for your character as well. The clothing will be highly inspired from 1800’s European robes/clothing. There are even round Harry Potter glasses, and there will be a secret robe you can unlock for linking your email to the game.

The Castle

Image by the Official Hogwarts Legacy Press Kit

In this game, your character will even be assigned to their own common rooms depending on what house you are sorted into. From the showcases we got to see only Hufflepuff’s common room and it looked amazing. The Hufflepuff common room is filled with plants and was built to look similar to a badgers den. In the castle, players will see lots of familiar areas from the movies, but the developers have gone beyond that was well. There are a lot of areas around the castle that they came up with that we had never seen before in Hogwarts, such as a huge and amazing fountain, an incredible defense against the dark arts room, and much more. I personally will probably spend hours exploring the whole interior of the castle. In this game, we will also be introduced to the most detailed version of Hogwarts that we have ever seen. Your classes will be the same ones as they were in the Harry Potter movies, except there will be different teachers you can interact with and learn more about them. There are a lot of secrets hiding in Hogwarts waiting to be discovered, such as dungeons and hidden corridors, which usually have lots of puzzles in them to figure out why it’s there. Players will also be able to discover the room of requirement which is where they can take care of their creatures and plants, and even redecorate the room to your liking as well.

Side Quests

We can expect several side quests in this game. One in particular that was showcased seemed very interesting. In this side quest, a student wants you to go find their gob stones and later mentions somebody named Prewet. Apparently Prewet is supposedly Molly Weasley’s maiden name. Most people suspect this is an ancestor. 


Image by the Official Hogwarts Legacy Press Kit

In a recent showcase it mainly focused on how your character will be trained for combat. Players will be able to practice skills on training dummies, or face off with other wizards or witches to a friendly duel. Players will also be able to combine spells to make maximum impact, perform blast curses and use shield spells as well. It is also recommended that players should also master herbology, and potion making as this will aid them in combat. The player decides what they want to master whether that is charms, curses, potions, and much more. In the digital deluxe version players will be able to duel in a dark wizard dueling arena where players can practice the unforgivable curses.


It wouldn’t be The Wizarding World without thousands of unique and special magical creatures. The confirmed creatures we have seen from previews are Centaurs, a Graph horn, Mooncalves, a Kneazle, and a Niffler. To go into further detail, the Centaurs have a lower body of a horse and an upper body of a man. These creatures pose a neutral threat and can commonly be seen in the forbidden forest. The Graph horn is a very dangerous boar-like beast who will attack any player on sight, and is found uncommonly in the mountains outside of Hogwarts. The Mooncalves are harmless creatures and are very rarely found. Kneazles are neutral creatures who basically look like a lion sized house cat and are rarely found. If you have seen the Fantastic Beasts franchise, you would know that a Niffler looks very similar to a platypus and are very troublesome creatures; however, they do not pose any harm to the player. The developers have announced that there will be some creatures on the outskirts of this map that have been corrupted by dark magic and will attack on sight. We have also been warned by the developers that some creatures may be animagi, or people who can turn into an animal on command. Now focusing on the inside of the castle, we can also expect to see ghosts including nearly headless Nick and much more. A tamable creature that all Harry Potter fans are familiar with is the Hippogriff. This creature is not very easy to tame, but once it is tamed players can soar around the map with it.  

Image by the Official Hogwarts Legacy Press Kit


Showcases have shown that players will be able to grab possession of various magic items to aid them in their adventures. One of these is an invisibility cloak which allows the player to become invisible for however long they want, but they can’t use this once in combat, and if an opponent is strong enough, it can detect you under the cloak as well. Summoning charms will be in this game as well; however, the developers have not said yet what charms will be included in this game. Of course, players will have the ability to ride and master broom flight, which will be great for exploring the great outdoors outside of Hogwarts. There are also enchantment rooms that will give the player the ability to put a special effect on a certain object whether that is a curse or a charm. 

The World Outside of Hogwarts

Image by the Official Hogwarts Legacy Press Kit

Players can expect the classic Forbidden forest, and Hogsmeade in this game but there will be much more to explore beyond that. Hogsmeade will be a great place for buying useful items, and there will be lots of cool areas to explore. In the outskirts of the map, there will be dark wizards and witches lurking around so watch out for that. There will also be a weather cycle, and there will be seasons as well. 


Overall, this game is what every Harry Potter fan has ever dreamed of. It has just about everything we like about the Harry Potter movies, including the magical creatures, brooms, Hogsmeade, and so much more.