World Cup Finals/Third-Place Playoff Predictions


The FIFA 2022 World Cup semi-finals were what everybody expected. Argentina slammed Croatia 3-0, and France put an end to Morocco’s record breaking run in the World Cup. 

Argentina V.S France (Finals)

This game will determine who will get to hold up the World Cup trophy and who goes home will glory and the other with extreme defeat. Keep in mind that Messi has never won a World Cup before, and this is also his last World Cup, so Argentina will put up a massive fight against France. Mbappe on the other hand won the 2018 World Cup, and he will also put up a huge fight against Messi to keep hold of that title. In the past, Mbappe and Messi have been teammates before, so there will be a lot of respect between these two players so this will be a very interesting match. In the end, I believe that France will win 2-1 in overtime. Since it is the end of Messi’s career, he doesn’t have the same amount of skill he had in the past. Mbappe still has a ways to go in his Career and has an incredible amount of skill and is good enough to get past Argentina’s defense. Most of this game will be back and forth action but mostly take place on France’s goal side.  Also in past matchups, France has beaten Argentina 4-3. This will definitely not be a game you want to miss

Croatia V.S Morocco (Third-Place Playoff)

This game will be a fairly interesting one, and both teams are devastated that they won’t go onto the finals, but they still have a chance to get third place. Croatia and Morocco both have incredible goalkeepers, but Croatia has much more of a better offense and defense than Morocco. In the end, this game will end in a Croatia victory 2-0. However, in past matchups, these teams have tied, but Croatia’s offense has gotten much better since the last time they faced off.