2022 FIFA World Cup Semi-Finals Predictions


The 2022 FIFA World Cup quarter-finals did not go how I predicted. There were two HUGE upsets for Brazil and Portugal. I wasn’t far off with France vs England as the final score left France winning 2-1. The Brazil vs Croatia was way off, and it even went into overtime with Croatia scoring four  goals and Brazil scoring two. I wasn’t wrong when I said Morocco vs Portugal was going to be a close game, but sadly Morocco slipped away with just one point up from Portugal. Argentina vs Netherlands was a very close game and ended up going into overtime, but in the end, Argentina made one more penalty kick than the Netherlands advancing them into the Semi-Finals. 

Argentina V.S Croatia 

Argentina played really well against the Netherlands and have had some very good games during the World Cup as well. Croatia on the other hand has been stunning everybody with a huge win against Brazil. This game will be one you don’t want to miss. This game will be lots of back and forth action with Argentina in possession of the ball for most of the game. The game will end up going to the penalty kicks, and Argentina will score four  goals, and Croatia will score two goals. Argentina has a stunning offense, but I don’t think it will be able to get past Croatia’s defense at all. Croatia will also have a hard time in the penalty kicks getting past Argentina’s amazing goalie.

France V.S Morocco

France has had a great run in this World Cup so far and played extremely well against Britain in the quarter-finals. Morocco has beaten two legendary soccer teams, and it is really hard to tell how they will do in this next game. This game will be full of surprises and also another game you won’t want to miss. Most of the game, France will be in possession of the ball without too much back and forth action, but a lot of the game will take place on Morocco’s goal side. In the end, I think this game will end in yet another French victory 1-0. Morocco has done well and will put up a fight, but after France’s performance against England, I think they will have a shot against Morocco and maybe even the World Cup Championship.