FIFA World Cup Quarter-Final Predictions

Attilio’s thoughts on what is to come in the World Cup quarter-finals.


The 2022 World Cup has been a very wild ride with a lot of great plays, huge upsets, and lots of underdogs rising up to hopefully seal their World Cup championship title. The quarter-finals are almost here, and there are a lot of things that can happen leading up to the final game. 

Netherlands vs. Argentina

Netherlands has had a great World Cup season, with three wins and one draw. Argentina has had three amazing wins but one huge upset. In past matches, the Netherlands have tied with Argentina, so this could be a very big and entertaining match. My prediction however, is that Argentina will slip past with a victory 1-0. Netherlands have very good offense and a fairly good defense, but it will not be able to put up with Messi and all of the other Argentinian offense players. And the defenders for Argentina aren’t the best, but I think there will be a lot of back and forth action between the ball. I think most of the game will take place in the middle of the field and the Netherlands goal side. 

France vs. England

France and England are very equally skilled teams, and this match will be a sight to see in action. France has three wins and one loss, and England has three wins and one draw. France has had a record of beating England before, and sometimes in matches, England has had a lot of low moments in the world cup. Overall, I think in the ending score, France will beat England 3-2. This game will involve both teams playing their hearts out, always striving to get a goal, but in the end, France barely outplays England and breaks a 2-2 tie near the end of the game. I think this game will be constant back and forth action but mostly take place on England’s goal side.

Brazil vs. Croatia 

Brazil has had three amazing wins and one huge upset, and Croatia has had two draws and one close call win against Japan. In past matches between these two countries, Brazil has won 3-1. I think that Brazil will bring back another win against them again 3-0. Brazil’s offense is unbeatable against Croatia’s defense, and with Brazil’s phenomenal goalie, nothing will get past him. I think most of the game will be with Brazil in possession of the ball and more than half of the game on Croatia’s goal side.  

Morocco vs. Portugal 

Morocco has had a fairly good run this World Cup with three wins and one draw. Portugal has had three crushing victories and one huge upset against South Korea. In past matchups, this was a very close game, and Portugal slipped away with one point. Morocco stunned everyone with a win against Spain, and the Portugal coach benched Ronaldo a lot. For these reasons, this could very well be another close game. Overall, I think this game will go into overtime and end with penalty kicks, with Portugal making four good shots, and Morocco making three good penalty kicks.