The Location of St. Nicholas’ Tomb Has Finally Been Discovered

The tomb of Santa Clause’ inspiration, Saint Nicholas, has recently been discovered in Turkey.

After releasing information in October, it is apparent archeologists discovered the original burial place of Saint Nicholas. After many years, they have finally found the exact placement of the roman-era saint who was the inspiration for Santa Clause. It was found in the town of Myra in southern Turkey.

St. Nicholas’ Tomb by Sjoehest

Saint Nicholas was known for his generosity and giving anonymous gifts. He would gift his inheritance to others and help those in need around his town. He began the tradition of giving gifts on Christmas, and it eventually spread worldwide. This began the legend of Santa Clause, a name we all know and love. The word “Santa” is “saint” in Italian, which is how the name Santa Clause came about.

Nicholas was born in 270 A.D., and he lived until 343 A.D. The building to which they found his tomb is believed to have been submerged by the Mediterranean Sea centuries after burial. It later had a new church built over it. Now, scientists have reached the floor of the original church where Nicholas has been buried all those years ago.

St. Nicholas’ secret gifts were known to be placing coins in the shoes of those who left the outside for him which is a practice still celebrated around the world on his feast day, December 6.

Saint Nicholas of Myra by Чурин Дмитр

His remains were removed from the church that was flooded and were moved into the new building inside a sarcophagus. Sadly, thieves and other criminals stole his remains and bones. This made the search very complicated for the archeologists. This recent discovery has uncovered his original tomb in which he was buried. 

Archeologists discovered the original floor and foundation of the old flooded church in recent excavations. They had to dig deep through several feet of sand to get there since the old church was basically in ruins due to the flooding. This is said to be why they constructed a new one. 

Apparently, the old church had a huge similarity to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, which is the most sacred site in the world for Christians located in Jerusalem. They have found one major similarity to the two church’s structure: in both, the dome that’s on top was left opened, or rather unfinished, by the people who built it. 

Archaeologists have been tasked with figuring out how the church’s architecture and symbolism might link to St. Nicholas and his fabled burial. Since there is no physical body to support the claim that St. Nicholas’s tomb has been found, the announcement may not be received favorably by everyone. This conclusion appears to be supported by a lot of previous knowledge, so it may be sufficient to convince the majority of specialists that hunt for the authentic St. Nick’s tomb that it has ended.