Edgewood Girls Soccer Update

Here is a preview of the Edgewood girls soccer season.


Edgewood girls soccer season has begun! So far, the Edgewood girls have played Holy Trinity, West Shore, Melbourne, Astronaut, and Satellite. 

November 11

Varsity and JV girls took on Holy Trinity, with both Edgewood teams winning. The Edgewood Varsity team won 3-2, with two goals by sophomore Riley Riggenbach. The JV girls also won 2-0.

November 14

The V and JV girls played Satellite. Varsity won the game 3-0, and JV tied 1-1. Varsity’s player of the game was Gianna Lopez, sophomore, who scored a goal and had an assist.

November 15

JV and V girls played Melbourne. Varsity won 4-0, and JV tied 1-1.

November 18

The JV and Varsity girls faced off against rival school, West Shore. Varsity won their game, 3-0. JV played hard, but lost with a final score of 2-1.

November 30

JV and Varsity girls both beat Astronaut. Varsity cruised to a 8-0 win, and JV ended with an amazing 6-0 win.