After Queen Elizabeth’s Death, What’s Next For England?

The recent English Queen’s death will lead to many changes for the country.

After 70 years of reigning over the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II died at age 96 on September 8th. Her eldest son, Charles Philip Arthur George, who became King Charles III upon her death, will now be taking the throne and there will be some changes taking place. Soon to come, King Charles will try to eliminate as much climate change as he can during his reign, a new immigration policy may arise, and many other things in England may change.

A Brief Run-Down of Charles III

King Charles III was born on November 14 1948 at Buckingham Palace. His mother Elizabeth ascended to the throne when he was only three years old, and he became heir-apparent. Charles III was sent to an outside education rather than a private tutor in the palace and was the first person in the royal family to do so. Charles was also the first to get a bachelor’s degree. He attended Trinity College and there he studied archeology, anthropology, and history.

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Charles also served in the royal navy and was a pilot. Charles later went on to marry Lady Diana Spencer and their wedding was viewed and adored by so many people it was declared a national holiday. They had two sons: the first being prince William, and the second being prince Harry. Sadly, Charles and Diana divorced, in part due to an affair Charles was having with Camila Parker Bowels. Charles went on to marry her in 2004. With Charles ascending to the throne, she now has the title Queen Consort.

Changes Under King Charles III

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Man-made climate change has been a big focus for King Charles III, and his motives seem set on doing all he can to prevent it. King Charles has always had a soft spot for the environment, and he definitely does not want to see climate change tear it up. King Charles has plans to continue spreading awareness about climate change hoping to make a difference. This means he will also donate to charities that support the cause, and he also mentioned donating to a lot of other environmental charities that aren’t specifically aimed toward climate change. This definitely is something that can make a change, not just in England, but around the entire globe, too. And since he is so well known, he can easily influence people into his beliefs and wants for environmental changes. King Charles has also talked about a new immigration policy. He has sparked controversy among many people about this policy he was seen making from former British prime minister Boris Johnson. The immigration policy would have asylum seekers deported to Rwanda. A lot of people are upset about this. This will lead to King Charles III being closely watched during his reign because nobody would want him to make another decision like that again.

Changes That Will Come In Effect of the Queen’s Death

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Believe it or not, King Charles will not be the only change after the Queen’s death. If you had not heard already, England went through a 10 day period of mourning for the Queen. This made it so all stock markets, stores, and banks would close in her honor. After the Queen’s funeral, it was decided that that day, September 19, was going to become a national holiday.

In addition, the whole look of the English currency will change. When Queen Elizabeth was reigning, all of the currency had her face on it. This is because traditionally whomever the monarch is in England at the time is whose face is on all of their money. Now that the Queen is dead, there will have to be a long process to switch the faces on their currency to King Charles III. This process is estimated to take up to three years, maybe even much longer.

The lyrics of the English National Anthem will change as well. During Queen Elizabeth’s reign, there had been a part in the lyrics of the English National Anthem that went, “God save the Queen”. Now that a King is ruling it is now changed to, you guessed it, “God save the King”.

After this tragedy, England will have to go through a lot of adjusting in the future, and King Charles III’s reign will definitely be closely watched from his previous political actions that led to a loose trust. But some good things we can see out of him are his close relationships with the environment and his hope to make his best efforts to save it. England will always miss Queen Elizabeth, and it was very sad to see her go. Our thoughts are with England and their new monarch King Charles III.